ISO 9000


Following quality records are included in our ISO 9000 implementation package.

Quality records

D 0001 Definitions and terminology
D 0002 Abbreviations
D 0003 Index of the quality manual
D 4301 Procedures
D 4302 Process plans
D 4303 Work instructions
D 4304 System documents
D 4305 Specific documents
D 4306 External documents
D 4307 Paraphs
D 4308 Distribution of the quality manuals
D 4309 Distribution of the process files
D 4310 Distribution of the personal files
D 4311 Table of contents of process files
D 4312 Table of contents of personal files
D 4313 Document change request
D 5301 Quality policy
D 5401 Quality objectives
D 5501 Organization scheme
D 5502 Overview of the functions
D 6201 Personnel card
D 6202 Function descriptions
D 6203 Training
D 6301 Maintenance card
D 6303 Maintenance schedule
D 6304 Maintenance contracts
D 6305 Different tasks
D 7201 Overview of our own products
D 7202 Specifications of our own products
D 7203 Customer complaints
D 7204 Customer feedback
D 7301 Overview of product development
D 7302 Design specification
D 7303 Design output
D 7304 Design review
D 7305 Design verification
D 7306 Design validation
D 7307 Design changes
D 7308 Design actions
D 7401 Overview of the purchased products
D 7402 Specifications of the purchased products
D 7403 Supplier assessment
D 7405 Approved suppliers
D 7406 Suppliers on probation
D 7601 Calibration cards
D 7602 List of measuring devices
D 7603 Calibration schedule
D 7604 Calibration survey
D 7605 Calibration results
D 8201 Internal auditors
D 8202 Audit schedule
D 8203 Audit report
D 8401 Customer card
D 8402 Supplier card
D 8403 Internal problems since one year
D 8501 Meeting schedule
D 8502 System meetings
D 8503 Specific meetings
D 8504 Project data
D 8505 Projects
D 8506 Corrective action request
D 8507 Executed actions
D 8508 Present actions

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Quality records

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